About AsiaLex


The Asian Association for Lexicography (AsiaLex) was founded in Hong Kong in 1997. Over the years, the biennial conferences of AsiaLex have travelled in seven Asian countries and for the first time, it’s coming to the Philippines! Starting this year, AsiaLex conferences are now held annually.


10th conf 2016 Manila, The Philippines Advancing Language Teaching through Lexicography and Corpus-building Ilan Kernerman (Israel)
9th conf 2015 Hong Kong Polytechnic University, HK Words, corpora, and dictionaries: Innovations in reference science Chu-ren Huang (Hong Kong)
8th conf 2013 Airlangga University, Bali, Indonesia Lexicography and dictionaries in the information age Yukio Tono (Japan)
7th conf 2011 Kyoto, Japan Lexicography: Theoretical and practical perspectives Zafar Iqbal (Pakistan)
6th conf 2009 Bangkok, Thailand Dictionary in education Jirapa Vitayapirak (Thailand)
5th conf 2007 University of Madras Chennai, India Asian Lexicography: Retrospect and prospect V. Jayadevan (India)
4th conf 2005 National University of Singapore, Singapore Words in Asian cultural contexts Anne Pakir (Singapore)
3rd conf 2003 Meikai University, Tokyo, Japan Dictionaries and language learning: How can dictionaries help human and machine learning? Minoru Murata (Japan)
2nd conf 2001 Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea Asian bilingualism and the dictionary Sangsup Lee (Korea)
1st Conf 1999 Guangdong University of Foreign Studies National experience in lexicography or dictionary compilation and bilingual lexicography Huang Jianhua (China)
Inauguration 1997 Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Dictionaries in Asia: Research and pedagogical implications Huang Jianhua (China)